Credit Card:

Q: Can I withdraw cash from my credit card?

A: You can withdraw cash using your credit card, however this is subject to a Cash advances fees at a rate of 5% with a minimum charge of 2 KD.

Q: What if my credit card is lost or stolen?

A: You can deactivate it immediately through CBK Mobile, on line banking or by calling 1888225 /From out of Kuwait +965 22990899

Q: Can I use my Credit Card Internationally?

A: Yes, worldwide acceptance at over 24 million outlets, Cash withdrawals in the local Currency of the country from more than 1 million ATM machines worldwide.

Q: Is the Prepaid Card Available in Al Tijari Bank?

A: Yes, MasterCard Prepaid is issued without a limit and it loadable at any desired amount either through AlTijari Mobile Application, Internet Banking, Branch network, or Call Center with an issuance and annual membership fee of 10 KD.

Q: I’m I eligible to apply for a credit card?

A: If you meet the below terms and conditions, you will be eligible to apply for a credit card:

  • Having a salary, saving or current account in CBK (Labor account is not included).
  • Minimum salary of KD 200/-.
  • Received one salary for government sector and 3 salaries for private sector for non-Kuwaitis.
  • Preferred working for a government institution or a listed company.

Q: How can I settle and pay the amounts withdrawn using my Credit Card?

  • Charge Card - Full monthly payment of 100% of outstanding.
  • Credit Card - Payment a minimum of 8.33% of the monthly outstanding.

Multicurrency Prepaid Card:

Q: Who can open a Multi-Currency Prepaid Card?

A: All CBK customers can issue a Multi-Currency Prepaid Card.

Q: Do I have to have a Prepaid MasterCard before opening foreign currency wallets?

A: Yes.

Q: How can I open a Multi-Currency Wallet?

A: You will first need to login/register to AlTijari Mobile App or CBK Internet Banking and follow the steps.

CBK Mobile App:

  • Login/register to CBK Mobile App and select “Cards” tab.
  • Select your “Prepaid MasterCard” located under “Credit Cards”.*
  • Select “Manage Multi-Currency” tab and choose your preferred wallet.
  • Select “Add New Currency” & choose currency.
  • Fill the required fields & proceed.

Internet Banking /Online:

  • Login/register to CBK Internet Banking.
  • From the menu, select “Account Summary”.
  • Choose “Multi-Currency Wallet”.
  • Select your Prepaid MasterCard from the drop-down menu.*
  • Select “Add New” & choose currency.
  • Fill the required fields & proceed.

* Ensure a minimum balance of KWD 20 in your prepaid card prior to opening a foreign currency wallet (or equivalent in foreign currency).

Q: Is there a minimum initial deposit to open a foreign currency wallet?

A: Yes, you must load an initial minimum amount of KWD 20 or equivalent in foreign currency into your Prepaid MasterCard.

Q:  How many wallets can be opened under the Multi-Currency Prepaid Card?

A: 13 wallets can be opened with different foreign currencies.

        US DOLLAR  
       SWISS FRANC  
       SAUDI RIYAL   

Q: What is the Multi-Currency process when making a payment transaction?

A: Once you have opted and loaded your denominated Multi-Currency wallet, you can conduct any local or international transaction. Whether it is online or in-store through POS or even cash withdrawal from any ATM machines that accepts MasterCard when using your Prepaid MasterCard. As long as there is sufficient fund in the wallet, the amount will be automatically deducted from the wallet of the authorized currency.

Q: If there is no sufficient balance in the foreign wallet, however there is available funds in the KWD Prepaid MasterCard, would the transaction still proceed?

A: Yes, the amount will be deducted from the KWD Prepaid MasterCard applying the normal markup rate of 2.5% as well as the banks exchange rate.

Q: Will I be charged additional fees & charges for cash withdrawal?

A: Yes, you will be charged 0.500 fills on Non-CBK ATMs.

Q: Am I able to unload my foreign currency wallet balance back to my Prepaid MasterCard?

A: Yes, you can unload any wallet and amount will be credited back into your MasterCard Prepaid, only exchange rates will be applied.

Q: How can I view my foreign currency wallet statement?

A: You can view your statement via AlTijari Mobile App and CBK online.

AlTijari Mobile App:

  • Login/register to AlTijari Mobile App.
  • Select your “Prepaid MasterCard” located under “Credit Cards”.
  • Choose your desired Prepaid MasterCard.
  • Choose “Manage Multi-Currency” & select the currency you want to view.
  • Click “Transaction History”.

Internet Banking /Online:

  • Login/register to CBK Online Banking
  • From the menu, select “Account Summary”.
  • Choose “Multi-Currency Wallet”.
  • Select your Prepaid MasterCard from the drop-down menu.
  • Click “View Transactions”.

Q: What happens if my Prepaid MasterCard expires, will I still be able to use my wallet?

A: No, you must renew your Prepaid MasterCard in order to continue using your foreign currency wallet.

Q: Can I transfer between my wallets?

A:  No, you must first transfer back to your KWD Prepaid MasterCard card & then into the selected foreign currency handling all related fees and charges.

Q: What is the maximum load for the foreign currency wallet?

A: There is no maximum load but the foreign currency wallet pool should not exceed KWD 30,000/- or equivalent in foreign currency.