Q: What are the types of accounts available for savings?

A: KD Saving Account, KD Commercial Star Account, KD Privilege Account & KD Al-Najma Account.

Q: What are the types of accounts available to transfer salary?

A: KD Salary Account, KD Current Account (Individual), KD Saving Account, Premier Account (Salary/Current).

Q: What is the daily withdrawal limit on my CBK card?

A: CBK cardholders have the ability to withdraw cash amounts up to KD1,000/- daily & usage on POS up to KD10,000/- also daily.

Q: What are the prizes for Al-Najma account?


Weekly Draw (52 winners a year)KWD 5,000/-
Monthly Draw (10 winners a year)KWD 20,000/-
Semi-Annual Draw (winner on first week of July)KWD 500,000/-
Annual Draw (winner on first week of January)KWD 1,500,000/-

Q: Is there a minimum amount to maintain in the account to avoid deducting minimum balance fees?

A: The minimum balance fees (KD 2/-) are posted on Al-Najma account only, if the balance dropped below KD 200/-. Other CBK individual accounts are not included.

Q: How can I get an account statement?

A: You can get an account statement using CBK Online Banking www.cbk-online.com , Account Summary, Account Statement.

Q: How can I get my IBAN code?

A: To find out your account IBAN code, please Click Here..!