Believing in corporate social responsibility towards banks’ customers, the "Let's Be Aware" banking awareness campaign has been launched in cooperation with the Kuwait Banking Association to highlight customers’ rights, responsibilities and obligations within the framework of enhancing customers’ awareness of the banking services offered to them.

Campaign mission:

Promoting the credit, financial and banking culture to banks’ customers and to the society.

Campaign vision:

The campaign raises the banking awareness for the target segment to a level enabling them to avail all their rights and to avoid breaching their obligations.

Campaign objectives:

  • Enhancing Awareness of the key principles and concepts in the financial and banking sector.
  • Enhancing banks’ customers’ insights to get the optimal use of the banking services.
  • Enhancing bank customers’ awareness of the precautions they should take to avoid any misuse of the banking products and services or breach of their obligations.
  • Enabling the target segment to benefit from the services provided by banks to target proper management of customers’ savings and wealth.
  • Leveraging the standard of financial inclusion and enhancing financial and economic stability.

The campaign will address the following topics:

  • Introducing the functions of banks, their role and the role of the Central Bank of Kuwait.
  • Protection against cybercrime.
  • Introducing types of bank cards.
  • Raising awareness and introducing types of loans/financing.
  • Introducing the bases and rules for granting loans/financing.
  • Warning against loan bulk encashment.
  • Promoting the concept of investment and saving.
  • Introducing complaint submission mechanism.
  • The services provided by banks for people with special needs.

Campaign Timeframe:

The awareness campaign runs from its inception in January 2021.