Al Tijari customers can enjoy a special discount from various dining places. This is an opportunity for our customers to have a delightful experience at the best restaurants while enjoying a range of outstanding cuisines.

What are the restaurants?

  • Villa fayrouz
  • Joori min Beirut
  • Mijana
  • Sabah Wu masa
  • Lebnani

What is the offer?

15% discount

Who can benefit from the offer?

All CBK Customers

Contact Details:


  • @villa_fayrouz
  • @jooriminbeirut
  • @mijanakw
  • @sabahwumasakw
  • @lebnanikw

Locations and Numbers:

Villa fayrouz
AlShaab Area     22062060    
The Avenues Mall     22062061    
Gulf Road     22062063    
Joori min BeirutJabriya next to Fourth Ring Road     22062068    
MijanaAlKout Mall     22062082   
Gulf Road     22062083   
Sabah Wu masaMurouj     22062052    
360 Mall     22062053    
LebnaniAlShaab Area     22062077