Card type, credit limits, and issuance criteria are set according to the Bank's Policy (40% of net salary divided by settlement percentage).

Credit Limits per Card Type:

  • Gold Minimum limit is KD 100
  • Platinum Minimum limit is KD 500
  • Signature Minimum limit is KD 750
  • Infinite Minimum limit is KD 1000

**Max limit for each credit card is subjected to bank terms & conditions

Fees & Commissions Available in 2 payment methods:

  • Credit Card: Payment is done in installments, payments are made monthly at a minimum of 8.3% plus interest.
  • Charge Card: full outstanding amount is settled monthly..

Credit Cards monthly interest rate is subject to: (Central Bank discount rate + 2.5% + 6%) ÷ 12

All Visa Cards are issued free the first year as long as the Card Holder doesn’t cancel:

  • Gold (Free for 1st year + renewal KD 20/-)
  • Platinum (Free for 1st year + renewal KD 60/-)
  • Signature (Free for the 1st year + renewal KD 70/-)
  • Infinite (Free for 1st year + Renewal KD 100/-)
    • When the cards are used in currency transactions different from the currency of the card, 2.5% commission on foreign exchange variance will be added.
    • Over limit charge is 1% (min 2 KD) once outstanding amount exceeds the credit limit. (% on over limit amount)
    • Late charge is 1% (min 2 KD) if the due amount was not settled fully before end of month. (% of the unsettled installment amount)
  • Worldwide acceptance at over 24 million outlets, Cash withdrawals in the local currency of the country from more than 1 million ATMs worldwide.
  • ATMs Cash advances are subject to a flat Fee of  5%  Minimum KD 2/-.