CBK Mobile Banking Application Touch ID Feature

Commercial Bank of Kuwait (CBK) does not extend any undertaking or guarantee of whatsoever nature, whether express, implied or legal, for any damage that might afflict the customer due to the use of touch id feature whether the finger’s impression belonged to the customer, or if s/he allowed another person’s impression to his/her mobile phone.

  • The touch id feature shall be activated by the customer.
  • The customer must add his/her fingerprint or the existing fingerprints through the mobile phone settings.
  • The Bank will never save the fingerprint.
  • The Bank does not make it compulsory for the customer to use the fingerprint feature.

CBK denies any responsibility for any losses or damage that directly or indirectly arise from your use of touch id feature (including any special, incidental or consequential losses or damage). This includes any losses, damage, or expenses arising from the same.