Terms & Conditions

In accordance with the following conditions:
  • I hereby concur that the submitted information are correct and in conformity with the supporting documents.
  • The Bank is entitled to reverse registry on the instructions of Kuwait Clearing Company without obtaining my approval for any amounts that have been transferred to my account and reverse this amounts to the Company's account.
  • I hereby authorize Kuwait Clearing Company and the Bank to provide information relating to my uses to any other party as deemed necessary or when a sentencing/order is issued by a court.
  • Kuwait Clearing Company and the Bank are entitled to end this service at any time without obtaining my approval.
  • Neither Kuwait Clearing Company, nor the Bank, shall bear any responsibility whatsoever in respect of any loss I incur for the failure of the Bank or the Company to execute and implement these instructions for any technical reasons beyond its control, or because the Bank's refuses to process any of these instructions.
  • The subscriber is entitled to end this service any time by notifying Kuwait Clearing Company and the Bank (5) working days prior to end date.
  • In the case of cessation of activity or closure of my bank account, Kuwait Clearing Company has the right to reverse of the amounts transferred and deactivate this service.
  • This application shall be executed in Arabic and English. If there is a difference or contradiction between the Arabic and English text of it, the Arabic text shall prevail.
  • Electronic Transfer Service (Dividends) is available only for shareholders in banks/issuers whom are registered in this service with Kuwait Clearing Company.
  • One bank account can subscribe for dividends electronic payment.
  • This service will be activated after one working day of receipt of this application.
  • The Bank maintains the original signatories to this application from the client, and sends a certified copy thereof to Kuwait Clearing Company to be acted upon.