Cheque Deposit Service Terms and Conditions

  • The customer acknowledges his full understanding & awareness of the Cheque Deposit Service through CBK Mobile App via which the drawer (cheque issuer) shall scan the cheque issued by him and enter the image of the cheque via CBK Mobile App along with entering the cheque information in preparation to deliver it to the beneficiary who, in his turn, will scan the same cheque once again via CBK Mobile App along with entering the basic information of the cheque and selecting the account he wishes to deposit the cheque into. As such, the Bank shall verify the basic information of the cheque and take the necessary action towards encashment.
  • Cheque Deposit Service through CBK Mobile App is specifically designated for CBK customers only and can be also used for cheques drawn on CBK. The cheques encashed through CBK Mobile App shall be deposited into the account of the first beneficiary only and may not be cashed or endorsed for third party.
  • The customer shall be responsible for the validity & correctness of information contained in the cheque and also shall be responsible for the misuse of this service. The customer may not have recourse on the Bank for any indemnities against loss or damages that may arise from the misuse of this service or that may arise from any fraud or hacking attempts.
  • Fees & commissions related to this service shall be applied as per bank tariff list.
  • All the above procedures shall take into consideration all legal provisions related to cheque encashment
  • The customer shall bear full responsibility for loss of mobile phone, misplacement of user name and/or password of the mobile application or the disclosure of their personal banking information, and for any breach or compromise that may occur leading harm to the customer.
  • The customer is obligated to notify the bank immediately for loss or disclosure of data, whereby he shall be held liable in the event of any occurrence of violation.
  • I acknowledge and agree that the original cheque shall be canceled and I may not use it after its amount is credited into my account. I shall keep the original cheque for five days and bear the full responsibility towards the Commercial Bank of Kuwait, the drawer and third parties in case of breaching any of the foregoing
  • I acknowledge and adhere to keep the original cheque until receiving the credit note or otherwise from Commercial Bank of Kuwait through the Bank’s various electronic channels (Al-Tijari Mobile App., email message and / or SMS).