Cheque Book Request Terms and Conditions

  • The customer warrants and confirms to maintain and prevent the cheques from being lost and misused whether by him or by third party. In case the cheques are lost or misused, the customer shall immediately notify the Bank or the competent government authorities to stop payment of the cheques.
  • The customer acknowledges his absolute and irrevocable agreement to comply with the Central Bank of Kuwait's instructions in respect of closing all his checking accounts and adding his name to the list of the customers whose accounts have been closed due to return of three cheques or more for reason of insufficient balance in one year whether drawn by him or his legal representative. In compliance with the Central Bank of Kuwait's instructions in his regard, he adheres to return the cheque books in his possession to the Bank once he receives a notification of the account closure from the Bank. Furthermore, he acknowledges his prior approval on any other action the Bank may take in this regard. The Bank may, at its absolute discretion, open another non – checking account for the customer instead of the closed one without the need to obtain new approval from the customer, as acceptance of this condition shall serve as the legally required approval on the Bank opening an alternate account and posting to this account the baking facilities that were previously granted on the closed account (if any) or any other obligations towards third party in relation to the closed account. The customer will bear all the legal responsibility resulting from issuing of cheques on the account that was closed due to return of cheques, and shall have no recourse on the Bank for closing the account, adding his name to the said list of closed accounts or any other procedures taken by the Bank in this respect.
  • The customer acknowledges that he has read and reviewed the list of fees and commissions as applicable by the Bank for issuance of cheques and agrees on the same.
  • The customer acknowledges that he has reviewed this request and that he understands its content and agrees to its terms and conditions and obligations. He also acknowledges that he received a signed copy of this request.