ATM Card Terms & Conditions

  • The customer hereby authorizes Commercial Bank of Kuwait to debit the account on which this card was issued with all the withdrawals effected with this card. In case of insufficient balance or in the event the account becomes overdrawn in consequence of the withdrawal made by the customer, the customer hereby authorizes the Bank to combine or transfer the credit balances available in any of the customer’s accounts to cover the debit balance in this overdrawn account. Further, the customer hereby authorizes the Bank to debit any of his credit accounts held with the Bank with all interests, fees & commissions and actual expenses arising from each withdrawal transaction. In case the credit balances in the customer’s accounts are not sufficient, the customer shall comply to repay all debit balances arising from his usage of this card once claimed by the Bank. The customer hereby acknowledges to safeguard his ATM card and related PIN number and undertakes that the card & PIN number shall be used solely by him and that he shall be cautious & vigilant to protect the card against loss or theft. However and if the card / PIN number is lost or stolen, the customer undertakes to immediately notify the Bank of such loss or theft. Further, the customer shall hold the Bank harmless and discharge it from any responsibility that may arise in any way whatsoever in the event that any other person uses the card and the PIN number to withdraw monies from the customer’s accounts held with the Bank. The customer also undertakes to indemnify the Bank against any loss that may be incurred by the Bank as a consequence thereof.
  • The customer acknowledges that he fully understands that ATM card remains the property of the Bank and may be recalled by the Bank immediately upon demand without any prior notice. The customer undertakes to safeguard this card against any mutilation or amendment of information printed on it and to use it in accordance with the recognized and applicable rules & regulations to avoid any damage to ATMs "Automated teller Machine". However, the Bank is the only party that may determine the cost of any damage that may occur to ATMs and the customer causing such damages shall bear the repair cost. In case the card is lost or stolen, the customer undertakes to notify the Bank immediately, in writing, of such loss or theft. The customer undertakes to reimburse the Bank for any loss that may result from loss of the card or PIN number. The customer also undertakes to immediately return the reported lost card to the Bank, if found.
  • The customer acknowledges that the recorded financial details generated from the ATM or POS terminals as a result of cash withdrawal or purchase or any other banking transaction conducted by the customer using the ATM card or through any of the e-payment channels e.g (Garmin Pay, T-Pay, Tijari Wallet, etc) shall be deemed correct and binding to the customer. The customer declares that conducting a banking transaction through the ATM or the POS shall constitute a proof that he has obtained a copy of the transaction’s details from the ATM or POS terminal whether such details were obtained in the form of paper slip or electronically via SMS messages or by e-mail.
  • The customer agrees that the Bank may, in the future, introduce amendments or add new terms to the terms contained herein. However, these terms shall become valid/ enforceable and binding to the customer once the Bank notifies the customer of such terms in any way as deemed appropriate. If the customer breach any of the terms and conditions set out in this application form or any revised or added terms in the future, the customer shall comply to indemnify the Bank against all material or moral damages the Bank may incur in consequence of such breach. Further, the Bank may take any action as deemed appropriate to obtain its rights. The customer also acknowledges that he fully understands that in case of the joint accounts, legal responsibility shall be deemed as joint liability in relation to all terms & conditions contained in this application form or any other revised or added terms and conditions.
  • The customer acknowledges his full understanding that this card is designated for conducting banking transactions through ATM/POS terminals that accept KNET, ELECTRON and MasterCard in addition to e-payment gateway. 
  • The customer hereby declares his full awareness that if his card gets stuck for any reasons in the ATM machine of other banks under agreement with KNET, the bank in which the ATM card was stuck shall have the right to destroy it if not claimed by the customer within one working day. As such, the customer has to apply for a new card from the Bank against new charges. The ATM card shall be given to the customer in person or to his legal representative authorized to collect the card. All documents related to ATM/POS / VISA & MasterCard/ AUTO PLUS and ELECTRON transactions are regarded as an irrefutable and conclusive proof evidencing the Bank's rights towards the customer.   
  • The customer hereby undertakes that he will pay the card issuance & renewal fees in addition to any other fees or commissions applicable as per the Bank’s list of fees & commissions (Tariff) as approved by the Central Bank of Kuwait and any amendments that may be introduced to this list in the future. 
  • All details contained in the statement of account  - hard copy or electronic – will be considered valid unless the Bank is notified in writing to the contrary within 15 days from the date on which the statement is issued.
  • The laws enforceable in Kuwait govern this agreement and the Courts of Kuwait shall have sole jurisdiction to decide on any dispute that may arise from this agreement. 
  • The customer hereby acknowledges that he will bear all legal responsibility for the transactions he conducted using the card. The following cases , as an example without limitation, shall be considered as a proof and confirmation of validity of banking transactions effected on the customer’s accounts with the Bank:  
    • Customer signing banking transaction receipt & cash withdrawal receipt or if the card was presented at a merchant POS terminal and it was used for purchases or for obtaining services offered by third parties.
    • Entering valid PIN for conducting banking transaction using the card.
    • Conducting/completing banking transaction without the need for using the card including online purchases and similar transactions.  
    • Customer accepting confirmation messages received on mobile, and by virtue of which cash withdrawal or purchase transactions were processed. 
  •    The customer hereby complies with all laws applicable in the State of Kuwait, the terms and conditions as set by Commercial Bank of Kuwait and the terms and conditions as set by Visa & MasterCard intentional. Furthermore, the customer may not use the card for any illegal purchase transactions or for the purposes or obtaining services prohibited by law, otherwise the customer will bear all legal responsibility that may arise from violating the same. The Bank shall have the right to suspend all customer’s accounts, withdraw and block the card.         
The customer hereby complies to provide the Bank with his own mobile number and complies to provide the Bank with the correct number when changing mobile number. Further, the customer acknowledges his full understanding that the Bank shall not provide him with any e-services unless he furnishes the Bank with valid and active mobile number. The customer also declares that he will be bear legal responsibility for any banking transaction made through the mobile that he changed its number without notifying the Bank, in writing, of such change.